You can get all drunk sassy and call a grizzly bear a chicken if you want but you’d probably get your intestines torn out and slung across a state park if you tried to pluck it’s feathers and fry it. Names and labels are just words and no words (unless you’re a wizard) are going to change what something DOES or IS.

When people start to describe themselves to me without my asking, telling me that they’re “good girls” or  Christian missionary, Mensa member, Savate champions or whatever, my Spidey Sense tingles.  From years of being gullible, I’ve learned the difference between SAYING something and DOING+BEING something. Being something is the truth and saying something can reek of bullshit.

In a mid 90’s, no-holds-barred style cagefight against names and labels, the TRUTH always wins. By head-stomp K.O.  It doesn’t need a sales pitch.

fictio cedit veritati