When the Jersey Shore TV show first came out, like everyone else, I hated it and thought it was trashy. The funny thing though was that I hated it without even watching a minute of it. All I saw was a commercial of Snooki getting fist punched in the face (which I would normal LOVE). It was pretty easy to be against it because a lot of people I talked to were. I heard things from other people that supposedly watch it, how the show made them feel stupider or gave them visual STDs.  I blindly believed them.

Then I got curious.  I decided to subject myself to a potentially horrible, rancid hour of television and watch it for myself.

I thought it was hilarious and yet STILL trashy.  But 1) it was MY thought and 2) I remembered that I liked “trash”. I was off the ZOMBIE bandwagon (for the moment).

Besides possibly being a brainless corpse, what does it really mean when a person hates something that has nothing to do with them or know nothing about?